Our Work & Beliefs

My name is Jim Knutsen, and Cast is my consulting firm. We work with senior leaders to align their people around shared goals, values and stories.

We facilitate culture change, with a focus on communication that is free-flowing, freely transparent, and free of bullshit.

We believe alignment is a human function, not a process or scorecard. Leaders align people by providing them with Connection – to meaningful work, shared values, and community;  and Direction – through clear strategy, assignments and expectations.

The result is an engaged workforce–employees fully invested in the right priorities, fully bought in to the right behaviors, and creating a meaningful, measurable difference for your business.


Our Clients

We choose our clients carefully, and are privileged to work with admired businesses and leaders. A few examples:

The Community Relations group at Target – you know, the ones who give more than $3 million a week back to the communities Target serves.


TOMS, which is reinventing the whole idea of free market capitalism with its One For One business model – you buy a pair of shoes, they give a pair of shoes to a person in need.


Burton, the company that pioneered snowboarding and very well have invented “cool.” (No offense to anyone else, but Burton has the client offsites I look forward to most.)


The Barbizon Lighting Company, a global distributor of lights for rock-and-roll shows, Broadway-style productions, school theaters, churches, amusement parks… you name it. Privately-held and brilliantly led.


Should You Be a Cast Client?

Every business needs alignment, and most could use some expertise facilitating that process. Not every business is a great fit for Cast. A few things to know:

  • We only work with senior leaders. You can’t do this work from the middle.
  • Clients commit to our process, and to an entry-point based on mutual agreement of current need.
  • I work with clients who believe in employee engagement–not just because it is good for business, but because it is good for people.

Each year, I take on 1 or 2 new clients for ongoing consulting (commitments for one year or more), and 6-8 clients for short-term consulting projects (commitments of 4-12 weeks).

I’d love for you to be one of them.


About That Name

Why the name “Cast”?

Because alignment is like fly fishing. Bear with me.

When I need space to think, I take my old Chevy up around the back side of Pikes Peak, and then south along the washboard road that winds through Eleven Mile Canyon.

My favorite fishing hole in the world is about eight miles up, just past the second tunnel. Which is where I stood a couple of summers ago, knee-deep in slow-moving water, thinking about what to rename my business.

A fish was rising to late afternoon mayflies about 20 yards up river and across the current. It was a tricky spot and a finicky fish. I would need just the right fly, and to place it into a window about six inches wide 10 feet upstream of the fish – who wasn’t about to move out of his lane for my fly. I would need to drift it perfectly over his nose.

There is a singularity to this. It’s not the careless, fingers-crossed toss of a wide net. One fish. One fly. One precise cast.

Alignment is that way. It is an art. It requires great care, and individual attention. You meet employees where they are, with a carefully chosen and perfectly placed story.


And a bit about me…

I live and work in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, about 40 miles south of Denver. My beautiful wife and daughters are here with me, as are a handful of goats, 20 or so chickens, a couple of dogs, and a cat. Our son has fled for college.

If it takes me a few rings to pick up the phone, it’s because I’m scrambling for the volume control on my speaker. I align to the sound of everything from The White Stripes to Billie Holiday.

If I don’t pick up at all, it’s probably because I’m onsite with a client in Minneapolis, New York, or Los Angeles.

Or, if it’s a Friday afternoon in the summer or fall, it might just be because I’m fishing.

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